AX Content: September release of Lifecycle Services (LCS)

It’s always fun to watch each month as each Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services update comes out. Some months we have a lot of new features, and some months just a few, but the site continues to evolve rapidly.

The September release is now available and contains several new features to help you manage your AX 2012 projects.

New features

Here’s a list of the new features that have been added:

  • The Cloud-hosted environments tool now has customizable settings for domains, virtual networks, and user accounts.
  • The Issue search tool now shows planned and open regulatory features, and includes searchable resources for:
    • Regulatory feature updates
    • Regulatory white papers, registrations, and reports
  • The Infrastructure estimator tool:
    • Has become an independent tool that can be accessed outside of the Usage profiler tool
    • Can provide sizing estimates for non-production environments, such as development, test, or training environments
  • The Upgrade analysis tool provides new summary information in the report that it generates.
  • Lifecycle Services is now supported on Safari (v5.1.7) and Firefox (v32).

A little bit of background

Lifecycle Services is a cloud-based, collaborative workspace that customers and partners can use to manage Microsoft Dynamics AX projects from pre-sales to implementation and operations. Based on the phase of your project and the industry you are working in, the site provides checklists and tools that help you manage the project. It also provides a dashboard so that you have a single place to get up-to-date project information.

Lifecycle Services is available to customers and partners as part of their support plans. You can access it with your CustomerSource or PartnerSource credentials.

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