Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1 Product Documentation is Available!

Update: To see Microsoft Social Engagement in action, check out this video!

Here’s where to find all the new documentation available for Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1 (previously Microsoft Social Listening). This release introduces new features such as: 

Get to your information quickly with the redesigned user interface

With the redesigned user interface, which puts the information up front, it’s easier than ever to navigate in the product and find the posts that matter to you, so you can analyze and take action on them.

More information: Get started with Social Engagement 

Stay connected with your audience using Social Center

Engage with your audience on Facebook and Twitter, directly from within Social Engagement. With Social Center, you can create and share user-based streams of posts to follow conversations and collaborate when working with posts. Assign posts to other users and add custom labels to a post. You can also authenticate social profiles and reply to posts or direct messages in real time. 

More information: Keep track of live data streams with Social Center

Analyze social data with widgets

Clickable areas on widgets let you visually add or remove filters for quick and interactive analysis. Additionally, you can now access posts from every page in Analytics, providing a convenient way to read the actual contents.

More information: Analyze social data using widgets

Identify significant phrases in social posts

Content analytics are key to understanding what people are talking about on social media. We’re introducing the new Conversations page in Analytics to provide deep insights into the content of the social conversations. We extract important phrases from all social posts in your data set, not just a sample, to provide a clear view into what’s on the minds of your customers and stakeholders.

More information: Find out what people are talking

Set up search topics using multiple rules

You can add Facebook pages and Twitter handles directly to a search topic, allowing more consolidated search topics and analysis. Additionally, you can create and manage custom categories to organize search topics according to your requirements. You can now check the quota for all your search topics, single categories, or single search topics of your solution. The quota feedback calculation on the estimated number of results now takes the selected sources
and search languages into account.

More information: Set up searches to listen to social media conversations

Choose from two color themes

You can display the user interface for the Analytics areas, Social Center, and Search setup in either a light or a dark color theme.

More information: Set your preferences for the user interface

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To prepare for what’s coming, visit Get ready for the next release.

Microsoft Social Engagement Help Center is the central information hub.

Information for end users

It’s where you can access key Microsoft Social Engagement content sources:


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