Meet the team

Developer Productivity, Azure Production Infrastructure Engineering (PIE)
"We had a team member relocate to Vancouver, and holding retrospectives became very difficult. So we built something to change that."
Andy Stumpp

Garage Team

Andy Stumpp, Daniel Paulino, Jeff Braunstein, Kevin Wilkinson, Mary Stevens, Perth Charernwattanagul & Pratyush Oak


Special thanks to: Alexa Huerta, Angie Apperson, John An, Katy McClintic, Linnea Nelson, Mitch Snyder, Nitin Sharma, Noah Sutter, Ravi Vyas, Sita Muthusamy & Wendy Fan

Developer Productivity, Azure Production Infrastructure Engineering (PIE)

Redmond, WA & Vancouver, BC


The team, Developer Productivity, focuses on ways to improve the Azure experience for developers around the world. They are no strangers to the challenges that come with coordinating schedules and sprints with members spread globally, which became the inspiration for their latest project, Team Retrospectives. During the 2018 Hackathon, several team members got together with others from around the company with the idea of building a better solution to handling retrospectives for global teams. The early prototype was successful and gained the recognition needed for the team to invest several months to develop a more complete project. Over the past few months, they have driven a great deal of functionality and quality into the concept, integrated it with a familiar DevOps experience, and are now ready to share it with the rest of the community.