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Microsoft Genomics

Powering genomic data analysis on Azure

Discover insights from the genome using open source and open standard based solutions that take advantage of the performance and scalability of the global Azure cloud infrastructure.

Workflow management

Design and orchestrate scalable workflows and efficiently manage genomics analysis pipelines and data manipulation tasks using the power of Azure cloud.

Cromwell on Azure

Cromwell is a scientific workflow management system developed by the Broad Institute. With Cromwell on Azure, researchers can now scale their genomics and data science pipelines using the hyperscale compute capabilities on Azure.

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Microsoft Genomics service

Turnkey Azure service for secondary analysis of genomics data using Burrows-Wheeler Aligner (BWA) and the Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK). Microsoft Genomics service provides on-demand scalability and easy-to-use API integration. It is ISO-certified and covered by Microsoft HIPAA BAA.

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Data analytics

Make genomics data actionable by analyzing and interpreting data generated by modern genomics technologies using open-source software, big-data analytics, and machine learning services on Azure.

Genomics Notebooks

Genomics Notebooks brings the power of Jupyter Notebooks on Azure for genomics data analysis using GATK, Picard, Bioconductor, and Python libraries.

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Bioconductor on Azure

Bioconductor provides hundreds of R based bioinformatics tools for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data.

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Genomics Data Science

Azure Virtual Machine templates provide preinstalled and preconfigured tools, libraries and SDKs for data exploration, analysis, and modeling.

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Power your genomics analysis and machine learning models using curated public datasets easily accessible from the Genomics data lake on Azure Open Dataset platform.

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Genomics workspace on Azure

Azure overview

With Azure, you have everything you need to build your genomics workspace in the cloud providing a centralized and secure environment to upload, analyze, and share data within and across organizations.

Customers building with Microsoft Genomics solutions

A large school of fish swimming through the ocean

Belford Institute of Oceanography, Nova Scotia

"Leveraging Cromwell on Azure and data science tools is helping us eliminate months of time and manual work to analyze thousands of fish genomes and build complex multi-modal data models."

Dr. Tony Kess, Scientist, Bradbury Population Genomics Lab

A pair of lab technicians in masks and sterile gowns examine test tubes containing colored liquids


"At Biotia, by using Cromwell on Azure to back our compute-intensive genomics workflows we have achieved substantial parallelization for our novel next generation sequencing (NGS) based COVID-19 detection and characterization assay."

Joe Barrows, Director of Software Engineering

A child reclines in a hospital bed while in the foreground medical monitoring equipment shows digital readouts

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

"Access to high-quality clinical genomic data, generated leveraging Microsoft Genomics service and streamed to St. Jude Cloud, will help further research in precision medicine for childhood cancer and other diseases."

Dr. Jinghui Zhang, Chair, Department of Computational Biology




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Spiral Genetics

Eagle Genomics