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Two coworkers walking through an office. The environment around them is sketched.

Explore and engage

Listening and learning are important elements of doing the work that will create change, but true progress also requires us to engage with others and take action.
An employee giving a presentation to a small group of people in a sketched office environment.

Engage with intention

Thought leaders from around the globe continue to reveal the gaps between the world we strive for and the diverse realities many of us experience.   Engage in the conversation. Leverage their expertise to make an impact. Let’s use their insights to challenge yourself and others to do the work and to move forward.

Expert insights

At Microsoft, we are partnering with academics and thought leaders from around the globe to provide perspectives on how organizations and individuals can help increase diversity and strengthen a culture of inclusion.

Featured perspectives

From public policy institutions to Microsoft Partners to everyone's favorite childhood TV show, we are exploring how organizations approach the activation and acceleration of inclusion.
Two people having a conversation in a sketched office kitchen environment. One uses a laptop.

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