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Microsoft Viva
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Microsoft Viva Topics

Viva Topics applies AI to empower people with knowledge and expertise in the apps they use every day, and to connect, manage, and protect content across systems and teams.

  • A content discovery Viva Topics card being displayed over an email in Outlook

    Content discovery

    Deliver knowledge in context with topic cards surfaced across Outlook, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Search, and other apps in Microsoft 365.

    A contextual Viva Topics card being viewed over a homepage in Teams

    See topics in context

    Learn more about topics—such as projects, products, customers, and industries—in context as they appear across the apps in Microsoft 365 you use every day.

    A Viva Topics topic card popped out over a group text conversation in Teams

    Quickly learn more about a topic

    Hover over a topic highlight to see a topic card with a brief description, relevant experts, and files—all without leaving your app.

    A topic page for a project in Viva Topics

    Dive deeper into a topic

    Expand the topic card to see the topic page and get even more information including a full description, acronyms, conversations, and related topics, people, and files.

    A user managing topics in Viva Topics

    Get a dashboard view with topic details

    Visit the topic center to review your topic connections and manage knowledge across your organization.

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  • A topic card showing up in a search

    Topic curation

    Bring together relevant content, conversations, links, and expertise from across your organization.

    Pinned and suggested files and topics in Viva Topics

    Enable AI-powered content indexing

    Index the sites you select in the Microsoft Cloud and external sources with Microsoft Graph content connectors.

    A user filtering between suggested, confirmed and published topics in Viva Topics

    Automate topic identification

    Automatically categorize knowledge into common subjects such as projects and products, and extract topic definitions, acronyms, and alternate names.

    AI-powered suggested people based on a topic in Viva Topics

    Connect topics, people, and resources

    Use AI-powered features in Viva to generate topic pages with a description, related content, and relevant people—then update the pages as new information becomes available.

    A user selecting terms to create topics

    Orchestrate knowledge delivery using taxonomy

    Identify topics using processes and document tagging in Microsoft Syntex.

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  • A short description being updated for a topic

    Content curation and organization

    Enable experts across your organization to revise topics, pin resources, and identify other experts while Viva Topics learns and makes updates.

    A topic being selected from a list in Viva Topics

    Manage AI-generated and manually added topics

    Start in the topic center to create, edit, delete, and reject topics generated by AI and to manually add new topics.

    A user viewing Topic permissions for a topic

    Manage access to topics

    Control who has permission to view, create, edit, and manage topics. Enjoy multilevel content security with Microsoft information protection.

    A user editing confirmed people in a topic in Viva Topics

    Edit topic pages

    Revise descriptions, confirm suggested people and resources and pin them, and add web parts and adaptive cards.

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  • Topic cards for a topic in SharePoint

    Discoverable topics across Microsoft 365 apps

    Offer a seamless experience across Microsoft 365, with topics discoverable in the apps you use every day.

    The Viva Topics homepage in Teams

    Get the Viva Topics app for Microsoft Teams

    Enable quick access to the topic center where your users can confirm suggested topics and get other Viva tools—all without leaving Teams.

    A Topics product card on SharePoint

    Discover topics on SharePoint

    Surface topic highlights, topic cards, and topic pages on SharePoint pages, hubs, and news stories.

    A Topic card attached to an email in Outlook

    Add and discover topics with hashtags

    Attach topic cards to any message in Outlook with hashtags so recipients can view topic cards and suggested additional topics in the message pane.

    An animation of an expert being selected from a dropdown of a Topic in SharePoint.

    Connect with experts

    Connect with experts directly from topic cards and topic pages. Hover over a name to open their people card and send them a message or set up a meeting.

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  • Advanced settings for Topics in Microsoft 365 admin center

    Management and administration

    Generate and show topics only from the content users are allowed to see, based on your security and privacy settings in Microsoft 365.

    Topic discovery settings in Microsoft 365 admin center

    Get peace of mind with coverage by Microsoft 365 Security

    Manage what AI-generated content is shown to your users with existing content security features in Microsoft 365, as well as administrative controls.

    Advanced settings for sensitivity labels and top labels in Microsoft 365 admin center

    Keep sensitive information under wraps

    Restrict access to content with Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels.

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See Viva Topics in action

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Features and pricing

Microsoft Viva in Microsoft 365

  • Some employee experience features are included in Microsoft 365 plans for enterprise.

Microsoft Viva Topics

Originally starting from $4.00 now starting from $4.00

$4.00 $4.00


(Annual subscription—auto renews)1

  • All the employee experience features included in Microsoft 365, plus:

  • Topic cards, pages, and centers

  • Knowledge curation

  • Search and discovery

  • Management and administration

Microsoft Viva Suite

Originally starting from $12.00 now starting from $12.00

$12.00 $12.00


(Annual subscription—auto renews)1

  • Everything in Viva Topics, plus:

  • Support for multiple company-branded employee destinations for news and announcements in Viva Connections

  • Viva Engage leadership and knowledge experiences to help connect everyone across your organization

  • Centralized campaign management for multichannel publishing with Viva Amplify

  • Viva Insights to improve productivity and wellbeing with data-driven, privacy-protected insights

  • Organization-wide “voice of the employee” surveys in Viva Glint 

  • Quick surveys to help managers seek and act on feedback with Viva Pulse

  • Viva Goals to stay aligned at scale, focus teams on impact, and bring goals into the flow of everyday work

  • Viva Learning to seamlessly integrate access to learning content into the places employees already spend their time

Frequently asked questions

  • Viva Topics applies AI to identify knowledge and expertise from across your organization and curate it into shared topics such as products, customers, or projects. With immersive topic cards and topic pages, knowledge finds you in the context of your teams, projects, and documents. AI and humans work together to improve knowledge and surface it in the apps you use every day.

  • Anyone viewing, accessing, or curating topic cards, topic pages, or topic centers, or otherwise benefiting from Viva Topics capabilities requires a license. This includes the following user scenarios:

    • Discovering topics through topic highlights on a SharePoint page
    • Opening a topic card to view and select related   team members, resources, and topics
    • Opening and viewing a topic page
    • Creating a new topic
    • Curating a topic by updating the description, adding additional resources, and suggesting team members
    • Managing mined and added topics for accuracy and relevance
    • Viva Topics uses AI to help organize and categorize content across your organization, making it easier for people to find and share knowledge without even having to search for it.
    • Use Copilot in Viva Topics to, get up to speed faster on a specific topic by generating a summary and offering answers based on multiple documents related to the topic.
    • Ask Copilot questions such as, “How does this project relate to other projects in my organization?” or “Who are the experts related to this topic?”
    • Access Copilot from the Topics Page to see details about the project and improve the topic with support from next-generation AI. Ask questions or select a prepopulated question from the side bar.
    • Ask to help improve a topic page and get a few suggestions. Copilot will generate recommendations.
    • Create language-specific versions of a topic. Copilot will translate the page and use all available sources to generate content that’s applicable to that language.
  • Viva Topics can index Loops. Highlighting support will be included in future updates.

  • Viva Topics focuses on knowledge discovery and Syntex helps organizations with document processing and content management. Syntex can automatically tag documents and attach sensitivity labels, making content more easily discovered through Viva Topics.

  • Viva Topics uses AI to automatically search for and identify topics and compile information about a topic into a single, customizable topic page. It uses Copilot to generate summaries and information about that topic. Answers in Viva uses Viva Topics to connect people’s questions to relevant answers, and helps recommend responses, loop in experts, match questions and answers, and summarize long threads.

  • Viva Topics is available worldwide and currently supports a limited number of languages. See the full list of supported languages.

  • Yes, Viva Topics is available on the Government cloud.

  • Yes, Topics has a full set of admin controls. It ships turned off by default so you’re able to plot the right adoption journey for your organization.

  • Viva Topics is based on the security and compliance boundaries of content enforced across Microsoft 365. For example, access, retention labels, data sovereignty, and information barriers are all maintained consistently before and after the activation of Viva Topics. In addition, organizations can apply restrictions on the scope and availability of topic information shared by Viva Topics.

  • Viva Topics is built on the security and compliance of content enforced across Microsoft 365. For example, access, retention labels, data sovereignty and information barriers are all maintained consistently before and after the activation of Viva Topics. In addition, organizations can apply even more stringent restrictions on the scope and availability of topic information shared by Viva Topics.

    • Administrators will be able to control the scope of content that will be used for topic discovery and which users can view, edit, and manage topics. 
    • Administrators can also control what content is included in Viva Topics based on selected sites, teams, or labels. Only licensed users have access to topic cards, topic pages, and topic centers.
  • Viva Topics will only display content to people who have permission to view it. If someone sees a file in Viva Topics that they’re not intended to see, then the content owner must update the permissions at source.

  • There are two ways to generate topics. Users can create topics manually, and AI can detect and generate topics automatically. Once a topic is created, AI will update the topic and related resources as it discovers new information. For manually created topics, AI will attempt to add additional content based on the topic’s context. In addition, users can also manually update topic cards and pages to adjust the topic description or highlight new resources and connections. These scenarios illustrate how machine learning and human curation together can build a better experience for end users.  

    • Microsoft Graph helps supply insights about content and knowledge throughout Microsoft 365. Viva Topics builds on top of Microsoft Graph to create your knowledge network. Viva Topics supports new user experiences for knowledge, such as content integration via Microsoft Search and knowledge sharing via the topic center and topic cards. 
    • Microsoft Graph provides a consistent API for addressing Microsoft 365 data and personalized insights. It’s used throughout the suite in places such as Microsoft Search and OneDrive suggested files.
    • We’re developing a set of APIs which will allow customers to highlight topics and show topic cards in applications beyond Microsoft 365. This is an essential ingredient in allowing other Microsoft application teams and our ISV partners to build integrations into Viva. 
  • While Viva Topics will work most optimally for organizations using Microsoft 365 as their content management system, we understand that topics and knowledge exist outside of Microsoft 365. Content connectors and APIs are available—and more are being developed—to help customers integrate the information from other systems into the Microsoft Graph.

    Connectors and topics help you offer a more holistic view of the organization’s knowledge. Bring information into your Microsoft apps through topic cards and make connections between content in Microsoft 365 and content coming from external sources.

    Learn more about Microsoft Graph content connectors, including how to use them and build your own.

  • Viva Topics discovers topics from files and pages stored in modern or classic sites. However, topic highlights will only appear on modern SharePoint pages. These pages may exist in a modern type of site such as a communication site or a group site connected to a Team. In addition classic sites that have had modern pages added will also feature topic highlights.

  • Because Viva Topics uses SharePoint, we want you to be able to use all the customization features available with SharePoint, so you not only populate what you want in your knowledge center but also use the branding that's appropriate for your organization.

Implementation and support


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Customer stories

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Case study: Dell Technologies

Discover how multinational technology company Dell Technologies uses Viva Topics.

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Case study: Avanade

Learn how Avanade uses Viva Topics for knowledge and discovery.

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Resource center

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Knowledge sharing and management

Learn more about information access, resilience, and cost savings in hybrid work environments. 

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