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Three ways to protect yourself from ransomware

Protect yourself against ransomware as a service (RaaS) and malware attacks

Modern ransomware defense requires a lot more than just setting up detection measures.

Ransomware attackers extort victims by breaking into their systems and threatening the disruption of business operations and/or destruction of access to critical data and systems. The attacks can be devastating, and the criminals behind them grow bolder and more sophisticated every day.

Effective defense against today’s more sinister and effective human-operated ransomware requires more than just detection measures. To protect against ransomware, IT security teams and security operations centers (SOC) must become less attractive to criminals.

Download the full infographic to learn how to effectively:

  • Prepare to defend and recover
  • Protect identities from compromise
  • Prevent, detect, and respond to threats
Cyber hygiene guide
Ominous red spheres representing potential threats surround a laptop and mobile device.

Basic cyber hygiene prevents 99% of attacks

Basic cyber hygiene remains the best way to defend an organization’s identities, devices, data, apps, infrastructure, and networks against 98% of all cyber threats. Discover practical tips in a comprehensive guide.

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