SQL Server 2008 Launch – 10:30am 2/27/2008

The rest of the keynote focused on the 2 remaining pillars of launch – BI & Web. In the BI demo – we focused on the integration of our BI tools with Office. We showed the new Report Designer – with the office interface that allows you to modify reports in an office environment, new spatial capabilities that allows you to view geospatial information that is stored in SQL Server directly on the web via Virtual Earth integration, SQL Server 2008 data mining add ins for Office – that shows the shopping basket analysis. A lot of stuff to show in 8 mins.

The keynote had 3 customer videos from Louisiana State University, Singapore Land & Transportation Authority and San Diego Zoo. The key tone through all the customer videos showed how the technology helps customers.

My take through all the videos was the tie in to how technology helps IT Professionals to help their customers. Overall it went well. I would love to hear from all of you.