ISV’s & SQL Server 2008 Applications

Technologies such as SQL Server are only as successful as the applications that are built upon them.  Microsoft’s Metro Early Adoption Program provides a programmatic, consistent and predictable way for longstanding Microsoft ISV partners to engage on next-generation technologies, by providing pre-release developer training, support, and rationalization of that technologies’ role in the overall platform.  In the case of SQL Server 2008, nearly 1000 unique applications that exploit the new features of the product have already been documented as being in development, and we’ve really enjoyed hearing about how some of the new SQL Server 2008 capabilities have helped to shorten development cycles and add customer value.   Here are a few examples. 

Posera, a Canadian ISV in the hospitality industry, says that “by leveraging the standard features of SQL Server 2008, we were able to simplify our solution offering, saving precious development and maintenance time.  Features like replication, encryption and LINQ…also reduced our development efforts.” 

Delta Phi, an Italian BI ISV, says that “Analysis Services is one of the fastest, easiest to use and most versatile MOLAP engines on the market and Reporting Services is the powerful tool of choice to draw and deploy reports.”, an Australian database automation ISV, says that “The speed of LINQ to develop in, and indeed access SQL Server 2008, was truly amazing, and substantially reduced our overall code base.”

Many more of these partner stories will be available at the Heroes Happen Here site in the coming days.  If you’re an ISV interested in early adoption of SQL Server 2008, please contact your local Microsoft office.