SQL Server to manage 100’s of Terabytes effortlessly with DATAllegro acquisition


Big, big news for SQL Server customers. Microsoft announced intentions to acquire DATAllegro Inc., which is a provider of breakthrough data warehouse appliances. This acquisition will make it easier and more cost-effective than ever before for customers of all sizes to manage and gather insight from the largest data warehouses.

Unlike most data warehouse appliance vendors targeting the 1–25 TB range, DATAllegro specializes in large-volume, high-performance data warehouses. DATAllegro’s data warehouse appliance installations boast some of the largest data volume capacities in the industry.

Microsoft is significantly raising the bar in terms of the scale that customers will be able to support with SQL Server 2008 into the tens of terabytes. This DATAllegro acquisition will accelerate the SQL Server data warehousing roadmap to high-scale deployments reaching hundreds of terabytes.

DATAllegro’s patent-pending technology is designed to support complex workloads including high concurrency and mixed queries. DATAllegro is one of the industry’s few data warehouse appliances that are built on nonproprietary hardware platforms including Dell, Bull servers and EMC storage. This flexible architecture makes it well suited to integrate with SQL Server.

This acquisition is a continuation of Microsoft’s technology investments in SQL Server 2008 that introduces exciting new features like Resource Governor, data compression, and partitioned table parallelism. These investments combined with today’s news re-enforce SQL Server as a leader in data warehousing. Going forward, Microsoft is committed to existing DATAllegro customers and will continue to support them.