PHP Driver 1.0 for SQL Server 2005 released with source


Exciting news for PHP developers — version 1.0 of the much anticipated SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP is now available for download. And to show Microsoft’s level of commitment to the PHP community, the full source code has been posted to Microsoft’s CodePlex web site. This new driver makes it easy for PHP developers to use SQL Server with PHP applications and this is one of the only Microsoft projects ever to make its source code publicly available at time of launch.

“The SQL Server Driver for PHP represents a new way for Microsoft to help developers access SQL Server from non-Microsoft development environments.  The driver is a C++ thin wrapper on top of the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver, translating the PHP calls into ODBC API calls.  This approach simplifies development and reduces the surface area from a security standpoint.”, stated David Sceppa, Program Manager, SQL Server Driver for PHP.