New study finds 162% Risk-Adjusted ROI for SQL Server 2008 Deployment

An independently commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting explores the economic impact and ROI achieved by a healthcare customer after deploying SQL Server 2008.

The customer operates four hospitals and other medical facilities, and handles approximately 500,000 SQL Server database queries daily. Forrester concluded that by upgrading to SQL Server 2008, this customer was able to improve overall performance and take advantage of many new features including resource governor, data compression, transparent encryption, comprehensive auditing and enhanced mirroring. Software Assurance enabled the customer to achieve this at a relatively low cost. Overall the study shows that it was a simple process to upgrade, and the benefits to upgrading to SQL Server 2008 were realized quickly.

Forrester’s TEI methodology measures costs and cost reduction, and weighs the value of a technology in increasing the effectiveness of overall business processes. This helps customers be fully aware of the potential financial impact on their organization.

In-depth interviews with the customer showed that many benefits were realized by the organization. User productivity increased (business and IT) through improved usability and SQL Server performance and the upgrade improved overall work experience for the database administration team by greatly reducing the need to work on weekends and by freeing up time to work on more interesting projects. The customer experience the following additional benefits:

  • 25% improvement in query response time without any changes in hardware, database, or application
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) for storage dropped to the low end of the industry average scale: $15 to $30 per gigabyte
  • Forrester calculated a 3-year, risk-adjusted Return on Investment (ROI) of 162% with a payback period of six months after upgrading to SQL Server 2008

This study reinforces Microsoft’s message that SQL Server 2008 offers many features that benefit customers by providing improvements in performance, administration, integration, security and availability of SQL Server databases.

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