Microsoft named a leader Enterprise Data Warehousing marketing

Forrester Research has named Microsoft a leader in The Forrester Wave report: Enterprise Data Warehousing Platforms, Q1 2009 (February 2009). Forrester noted that “Microsoft’s substantial presence in the DBMS, OLAP, portal, spreadsheet, collaboration, and browser markets provide a strong competitive advantage.”

The report continued to say that “Microsoft will leverage these positions to deliver its growing EDW solution stack, including future cloud-based EDW services, into fresh opportunities across diverse market segments.

Key findings in the report include:

  • One of Microsoft’s key EDW solution differentiators is its robust enterprise database, SQL Server, which is in widespread global deployment in organizations of all sizes.
  • SQL Server supports diverse BI, query, OLAP, advanced analytics, and real-time workloads. Finally, it provides sophisticated caching, compression, partitioning, indexing, cost based query optimization, and workload management functionality.
  • Customers can deploy Microsoft SQL Server flexibly in diverse EDW and BI topologies, as well as integrate the DBMS with the vendor’s diverse service-oriented architecture (SOA), application platform, middleware, BI, performance management, and desktop software solutions.