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Ted Kummert, Senior Vice President, speaks about helping customers in consolidation efforts

Ted Kummert 2010 01 Check out a new video with Ted Kummert, SVP for the Microsoft Business Platform Division, outlining how Microsoft and its partners are trying to help customers realize the key benefits of SQL Server consolidation.

As customers try to reduce costs, they are looking at SQL Server consolidation. To reach significant cost savings customers should follow a strategy most suited to them with the right hardware and software infrastructure. Some customers realize savings right away while others struggle.

The SQL Server product team recently published prescriptive guidance for SQL Server consolidation. The guidance helps customers choose the best options for their situation. Some say the most useful part of the guidance whitepaper is a decision tree that helps customers arrive at the right consolidation choice. The guidance document also explains the different application attributes that customers need to consider while making these types of decisions. The sample case study provides an illustrative example. .

As Ted mentions in the video there will be guidance from our hardware partners as well, enabling customers to choose the hardware solution that is best suited for their needs.

View the video and read the whitepaper.

For additional resources, visit Server consolidation page on www.microsoft.com/sql