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Unisys Releases the First Pre-Packaged Data Warehouse Solution

Unisys releases high-performance SQL Server 2008 R2 pre-packaged DW solution with up to 50 TB Solid State Disk technology

Unisys is the first in the market to offer a pre-packaged SQL Server optimized solution based on the new SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise or Datacenter Editions. The SQL Server Powerrack is the first high-end SQL Server solution completely based on SSD.

At the core of the configuration is the ES7000 model 7600R server. This starts at a 4-CPU cell and grows to a scalable 16-socket (96 cores) powerhouse. The ES7000 is integrated with a powerful DSI3600 disk SAN Storage subsystem. The storage system can scale up to 50TB and is able to deliver 3-GB/sec, and 250,000 IOPS per unit.

At the 2009 SQL Server PASS Europe conference, Unisys demonstrated the power of the SQL Server Powerrack. With a pre-release of SQL Server 2008 R2 and DSI storage live on stage, a new SQL Server World Record was set for bulk loading 1TB of data into a single SQL database; the new SQL Server Powerrack loaded the 1TB database in less than 10 minutes at 14.5 million rows per second. That is over 3.5 times faster than the previous record based on SQL Server 2008, also held by Unisys.