The recommended availability platform for SQL Server: Stratus ftServer


Not your father’s fault tolerant server

Partner blog post from Peter Cook, Director of Global Alliances, Stratus

“The latest SQL Server technology delivers a robust infrastructure to support business-critical applications and to scale with growing business demands,” said Claude Lorenson, director of SQL Server marketing at Microsoft Corp. “For SQL Server users that also need the highest degree of hardware availability to complete their solution, the ftServer system from Stratus Technologies has a decade-long record of uptime performance that only a fault-tolerant server architecture can deliver.”

Wow! Why would Microsoft say this about a server vendor? It seems more and more business critical SQL based applications are being deployed on Stratus “fault tolerant” servers, a technology most people associate with some bygone age of computing dinosaurs. What’s going here? My name is Peter Cook, Director of Global Alliances from Stratus and I’d like to share with you what’s happening – and get your opinion.

First, SQL Server 2008 is the fastest growing DB and is being used in more and more tier 1 applications (we all know that…). Secondly, today’s Stratus ftServers run standard Windows  Server 2008 and are all based on industry standard cost effective Xeon Quad core technology. Over 10,000 are installed worldwide, most with SQL Server.

Finally, it seems as money does matter. Combined with SQL 2008R2, users can get better platform availability spend 50% less than other DB’s that rely on availability alternatives requiring multiple servers, hugely expensive software licenses and high cost support. Must be another mega yacht is on order or maybe a world cup to the moon contest?

SQL Server and Stratus – simple plug and play set up, 99.9999% availability, runs on SQL 2008 Enterprise or Standard Edition, thousands installed worldwide. Learn more here: and let me know what you think.