Customers are seeking industry-specific solutions utilizing Microsoft Business Intelligence platform stack

The Microsoft BI team has seen consistent demand from our customers for industry-specific solutions that utilize the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform stack. These customers like the overall MS BI story – they see that it delivers familiar user interfaces and the ability to collaborate across organizations, all in a well-managed, scalable environment. They want to see that story extended to solve business problems specific to their industries. As a result of this interest, we are seeing a growing number of our larger system integration partners utilizing the MS BI stack to create these solutions.

Consistent with this trend, we were pleased to see that Tech Mahindra announced last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they are porting their iDecisions solution for the Telecommunications industry onto the Microsoft BI stack. Similarly, Cognizant announced last spring that they have Insurance industry dashboards available on the MS BI stack, as well.

We are in constant communication with our best BI partners about bringing MS BI-based industry solutions to market around the world. Look for additional industry-specific solutions that use MS BI soon.