Microsoft’s Commitment to Interoperability

In our continued commitment to interoperability, we would like to share what the SQL Server product team has been doing for Java and PHP developers.

We understand that our customers have application development across all platforms, so providing consistent data access across multi-platform solutions is our mission. We provide enterprise-class solutions for Java developers to connect to SQL Server and SQL Azure. We are working on our latest release of JDBC 4.0 which will come out with SQL Server codename “Denali.” We will fully support key features of SQL Server “Denali” such as “AlwaysOn,” along with core Java asks such as pure Java implementation of Kerberos integrated authentication.

Web & breadth developers are a key part of our ecosystem. We at Microsoft are heavily engaged with the PHP community to help make sure PHP application development for SQL Server is seamless. We recently hosted a camp for key PHP application developers to work with them on porting PHP applications to SQL Server and SQL Azure. This event was quite educational for us to understand what the community is looking for and how we can provide the best SQL Server solution for PHP applications. You can find more information about the camp at We are also very excited to work on our next release of the PHP driver for SQL Server which will also come out with SQL Server “Denali.”