Guest Blog Post: Is SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Class? Absolutely!

I had the good fortune of being part of a recent benchmark study that looked to see how SQL Server 2012 could handle massive volumes of content under active operation. Being an ISV that provides solutions in the Enterprise Information Management market, I deal regularly with customers who are ingesting and managing exponentially growing amounts of information. Their base requirements are always the same: help me ensure that all my infrastructure is ALWAYS operating at optimal performance. This means that my environment is scalable, available and reliable.

Part of the deep and rich partnership between OpenText and Microsoft is to ensure these requirements are met and that our solutions are tested under the most rigorous conditions and optimized for ideal performance. In February of this year, OpenText and Microsoft kicked-off performance and scalability testing on the email monitoring and records management components of the OpenText ECM Suite running on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data management software. The results were very impressive.

It would be fair to say that email is certainly not going away any time soon. In fact, the growth of email within organizations is not slowing at all. Add to this the mandate to manage a large portion of emails as business critical corporate information and the issue and effort surrounding the management of data volume is exacerbated by the requirement to manage it against a lifecycle under compliance. It was this primary corporate requirement that we planned to put to the test with SQL Server 2012.

The benchmark testing took place at the Microsoft Platform Adoption Center (PAC) in Redmond, Washington. Specifically, the study looked to measure the peak ingestion of email messages in addition to the throughput when ingestion and dispositions of email messages were running concurrently. With peak ingestions rates of 995,000 email messages in a single hour, 14.8 million messages in a 24-hour period, or 171 messages a second―up to 15 times the typical ingestion volume – to say that the testing was successful would truly be an understatement. These results showed that OpenText’s enterprise information management solutions can perform at record rates when combined with SQL Server 2012.

OpenText and Microsoft have been putting together some great detail on this benchmark study so if you’d like to learn a little more check out the SQL go to for more information.

Dave Martin
Director, Microsoft Solutions Group, OpenText Corporation