The Fantastic 12 of 2012: Behind the Scenes of Creating Fast Time to Solution Technologies

In the 10th episode of the Behind the Scenes series, it’s time to talk about reducing complexity and accelerating time to solution with turn-key appliances and cloud offerings. In the episode below, Britt Johnston (@BrittJohnston), Principal Group Manager shares what he has heard from customers recently when talking about the HP Enterprise Database Consolidation Appliance which is implemented as a Microsoft Private Cloud. Britt provides insights as to the conversations he’s had with customers along with the most common question he often gets about the appliance. Watch the episode below to get all the details!

More information about the HP Enterprise Database Consolidation Appliance including videos featuring members of the SQL Server Appliance Engineering Team available at:   

Watch all previous episodes here. There is only two weeks left in the Twitter Contest that follows every episode of this series, which takes place on Thursdays at 10:30am PDT (through the end of June 2012), where you could win the SQL Server T-Shirt of your choice!

10  Fast Time to Solution
Help reduce complexity and accelerate time to solution with turn-key appliance and cloud offerings


  • Accelerate top organizational priorities with appliances for data warehousing of varying sizes, business intelligence, consolidation, and transaction processing.
  • SQL Server offers Appliances built jointly with HP and Dell:
    • HP Enterprise Database Consolidation Appliance
    • HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance
    • HP Business Decision Appliance
    • HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance
    • Dell Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance

Complete Solutions

  • Microsoft deeply co-engineers the appliances with partners to ensure highly tuned solutions, fully integrated, with single support for all the Hardware and Software, with enhanced appliance-only software, and that deliver great price/performance.


  • Speed time to solution with SQL Server appliances by eliminating the time to design, tune and test all the related hardware and software components.
  • Provision databases in minutes without any physical administration or infrastructure investments with SQL Azure.

For more information SQL Server 2012, and to download the trial version, please visit: