SQL Server 2012 Delivers Unparalleled Performance for Telecommunication Companies

The team here at Microsoft designed SQL Server 2012 to be chock-full of technologies that deliver a major leap forward in performance and include a suite of tools that help make performance more consistent and predictable. Thanks to these major enhancements in performance and scalability, customers can rely on SQL Server 2012 to manage their explosive growth in data volume and complexity.

Recently, we’ve watched as telecommunication companies across the world have been choosing SQL Server 2012 to solve some of their toughest challenges. In the past, Microsoft might not have been the first name that came to mind for telco companies – but since the launch of SQL Server 2012, we like to think that’s been changing.

SoftBank Mobile Corporation Gains High Availability and Improves Performance

When SoftBank, a fast-growing cellular service provider in Japan, set the goal of doubling its cellular transmission points within a year, the IT team knew it needed to bolster the database infrastructure for the increased data. After comparing their options, they upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data management software to gain greater availability and performance. By using SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn, the company has gained nonstop availability and reduced query times on 3 billion records by 80 percent—while cutting server infrastructure by 60 percent. In addition, the team reduced its IT workload with the automated efficiencies built in to SQL Server 2012.

“By switching to SQL Server 2012, we were able to consolidate 10 servers to 4 while boosting performance. Spatial analysis queries that before took 10 seconds now take 2 seconds.” Mr. Hiroshi Matsumoto, Area Information Development Section of SoftBank

Telstra Enhances Cloud-Based Infrastructure with AlwaysOn Technology

The leading telecommunications provider for Australia also specializes in cloud-based storage for large companies and government agencies. They needed a more efficient backup system that would help protect petabytes of data. By deploying a solution from Microsoft partner EMC with Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Telstra moved deduplication processing from the primary server to a secondary server, thus boosting performance and reducing bandwidth usage.

“Full backups took 20 hours to complete. Now we run daily full backups in just 38 minutes…. This gives us enormous scalability to meet future growth, and that scalability is boosted by our ability to move deduplication off of transaction servers using AlwaysOn.” Daniel Peluso, Cloud Technical Specialist for Telstra

BICS Performs Database Queries Five Times Faster with xVelocity

An affiliate of the Belgacom Group, BICS offers wholesale telecommunication solutions to communication service providers worldwide. BICS needed to boost its database performance and increase availability for its internal collaboration application, so they implemented a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database management and high-availability solution. As a result, the company can perform database queries five times faster, sustain continued business growth, and ensure higher availability for its critical employee application.

“With SQL Server 2012 xVelocity, we saw database query speeds increase by five times. With that kind of performance boost, we will be able to process many more queries each day and respond much faster to our customers.” Jan De Cocker, IT Operations Manager for BICS

Redknee Sets New Scalability Mark for Converged Billing

Redknee, a leading provider of real-time converged billing and customer care solutions for communications service providers (CSPs), serves more than 90 network operators across 50 countries. Redknee’s Turnkey Converged Billing (TCB) provides real-time billing for CSPs. The company recently performed a benchmark test to ensure that TCB running on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 could support the requirements of Tier 1 CSPs. The test found that TCB on SQL Server 2012 provided scalability to meet the needs of even the largest CSPs (the test exceeded the performance objectives, and set a new Transaction Processing Performance Council record!) and yielded a low total cost of ownership.

“Ultimately this test proved that we can achieve the scale that CSPs need for a total cost that is 30 percent less than competitive technology—with plenty of head room to grow.” Nitin Singhal, Vice President of Research and Development at Redknee

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