Accelerating Data Warehouse Deployments on SQL Server 2012

In order to address the data warehouse needs of mid-market customers, we have been working in close collaboration with Dell to develop “turnkey” data warehouse appliances. We set up a model to leverage the premium data warehouse features of SQL Server 2012 coupled to the new innovative features of the Dell 12th generation PowerEdge server. Today we are announcing the availability of the second appliance in the Quickstart family: the Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance 2000 (QSDW2000). This powerful appliance follows the philosophy of QSDW 1000 by combining, software, hardware, services and complete pre-optimization in one simple package to ensure installation and integration ease with Dell Services. The QSDW 2000 has a capacity of 12 TB of user data and offers a perfectly balanced architecture that has been validated in the market place by the SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architecture. The appliance is powered by the latest generation of Dell Xeon processor, which is ideal for this critical workload.

This appliance is a perfect complement to the QuickStart Data Warehouse 1000 announced in July, and this new 12 TB version (QSDW 2000) is shipping today. You can find more information at: