Countdown to PASS Summit Series: Meet the Superheroes of SQL Server at the ‘I Made That’ Chalk Talks

PASS Summit 2012 has arrived in Seattle and our #SQLFamily reunion is under way! In this final post of our Countdown to PASS Summit Series, we invite you to meet and greet the developers who worked on SQL Server 2012, for a personal, behind-the-scenes look at SQL Server 2012 in the making!


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Yesterday, we introduced you to the Arkitektor, the newest superhero on the scene from the Data Barrier Agency (DBA), who you can see up-close on the walls of the Microsoft booth at PASS Summit this week. However, we also have a few more SQL Server Superheroes that you can meet in person this week during our “I Made That!” Developer Chalk Talks.

This week, at PASS Summit, join some of the top Microsoft developers who worked on SQL Server 2012 for some informal and unscripted talks about the functionalities and features they wrote. Relax and unwind with these SQL Server superheroes on comfy couches with snacks to share, and get the inside track on the development of SQL Server 2012. You can find the full schedule of Chalk Talks and SQL Server Superheroes here, but in the meantime, you can preview a few of the SQL Server all-star team members that you can mix and mingle with during the “I Made That!” Developer Chalk Talks:

Eric Hanson, Chalk Talk Host on Columnstore:  12:30 pm, Thursday, November 8th

Eric_HansonDr. Eric Hanson is a Program Manager Architect on the Big Data team in Microsoft SQL Server, where he focuses on data warehousing and the integration of data warehousing with Hadoop. He was instrumental in initiating the work that lead to the new columnstore index feature that shipped in SQL Server 2012.

SQL Server Superpower:     Columnstore performance tuning

SQL Server Supergadget:    Trace flag 2312

 SQL Server Supermotto:  If the heavy lifting is done in batch mode, you’re golden!

Sunil Agarwal, Chalk Talk Host on Hekaton:  1:30 pm, Thursday, November 8th

Sunil_AgarwalSunil Agarwal is a Principal Program Manager in the SQL Server Storage Engine Group at Microsoft. Sunil has co-authored two books on SQL Server and owns/participates in the popular SQL Server Storage Engine Blog. Prior to joining Microsoft, Sunil worked at DEC, Sybase, BMC Software, Asera and DigitalThink, focusing primarily on core database engine technologies and related applications.

SQL Server Superpower:     Storage engine

SQL Server Supergadget:    Hekaton

SQL Server Supermotto:  In-memory data is king!