Drum Roll Please! Announcing the Winner of the 2013 Tweet for the Summit Challenge!

Here we are — another week closer to the SQL Server event of the year, PASS Summit, and the buzz continues to grow! Last week, we had the opportunity to share the excitement of the Summit with you in our Tweet for the Summit Challenge, in which we asked:

Answer in RHYME + tell us why a trip to #SQLPASS would be valuable to you?

We received a number of clever replies and the laughs were free-flowing! In the end, however, although it was a difficult decision to make, we are pleased to send our sincerest congratulations and the ticket to PASS Summit 2013 to @MelikaNoKaOi for her winning tweet:

@SQLServer There once was a geeky lass equipped with wit & sass, she wanted DBA skills to help pay her bills, and she found them at #SQLPASS

@MelikaNoKaOiPlease join us in congratulating @MelikaNoKaOi on her win, and thanks to all for participating in this year’s Tweet for the Summit Challenge! We hope you had as much fun as we did, and we hope to see you in Charlotte, North Carolina later this month for the Summit. You can still register for this event here.

In the meantime, please enjoy this sampling of some of the witty Challenge entries we received below!

  • @jasonFreier: @@SQLServer #sqlpass To the summit I’d like to return, to continue to learn. Last year was a last, I’d like to make this tradition last.
  • @gawainthestout: @SQLServer I asked my daughter 9who one day will speak SQL) to answer for you, her reply has no equal.
  • @PowerBIRanger: @SQLServer when sky is blue and cows go moo when night is dark and dogs go bark, when all is black and ducks go quack, I think of #SQLPASS
  • @RickSawtell: @SQLServer What must one do to become a SQL guru. I will get my answers fast by attending SQL PASS. #SQLPASS
  • @DonaldRJonesJr: @SQLServer like catching a large bass, I’d like to hook a trip to #SQLPASS, a DBMS is best relational, a convention could be inspirational!
  • @jacobbc71183: @SQLServer As the company grows globally, the DB needs to be in memory. SQL 2014 is the class of #SQLPASS