New Data Science – What’s Next?

While every organization is different, their “big data” is often very similar.  It typically comprises massive amounts of data across sources such as social media, clickstream, server logs, financial transactions, videos, and sensor data to name a few. This data was once thought of as low to medium value or even ‘exhaust data’ – too big and too expensive to store and utilize.

With the advent of a new approach to enterprise data, many organizations are adopting a modern data architecture in which Hadoop is being used in conjunction with existing systems.

Join Microsoft and Hortonworks on February 27th from 8:00 to 12:30 for a discussion on how the Big Data platform is evolving and how you can use Big Data to drive innovation in your organization. You’ll learn about the upcoming capabilities of Hadoop 2.0 as well as how to derive actionable insights from your data assets.   To register for this event click here.