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Introducing the Microsoft Analytics Platform System – the turnkey appliance for big data analytics

At the Accelerate your Insights event last week, Satya Nadella introduced the new Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) as Microsoft’s solution for delivering “Big Data in a box.” APS is an evolution of our SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) appliance which builds upon the high performance and scale capabilities of that MPP version of SQL Server, and now introduces a dedicated region to the appliance for Hadoop in addition to the SQL Server PDW capabilities. The Hadoop region within the appliance is based on the Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows but adds key capabilities enterprises expect for a Tier 1 appliance such as high availability through the appliance design and Windows Server failover clustering, security through Active Directory and a unified appliance management experience through Systems Center. Completing the APS package and seamlessly unifying the data in SQL Server PDW with data in Hadoop is PolyBase, a ground breaking query technology developed by Dr. David DeWitt and his team in Microsoft’s Grey Systems Labs.

Microsoft continues to work with industry leading hardware partners Dell, HP and Quanta to deliver APS as a turnkey appliance that also delivers the best value in the industry for a data warehouse appliance.

Go to the APS product site to learn more or watch the short product introduction video here: