Explore In-Memory Technologies at Ignite

You’ve probably already heard why you should use the in-memory tech built into Microsoft SQL Server: 30 times faster transaction speed, 100 times the query speed, and millions of rows of data analyzed every second. If you want to learn more about the how, check out the Microsoft Ignite session with the no-nonsense title, In-Memory Technologies Overview.

Microsoft SQL Program Manager Kevin Farlee will walk you through all three in-memory technologies contained within SQL Server:

  • In-memory online transaction processing (OLTP)
  • In-memory data warehousing
  • Buffer pool extension (BPE)

He’ll cover the thinking behind their inclusion in SQL Server, take a look at the tech behind the scenes, and explore real-world customer benefits. You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of these powerful technologies, knowing exactly how to put them to work for your team.

There’s plenty more happening at Ignite. And if you haven’t already, register for Ignite here.