Mature Data Management: Key to Business Success

Data is at the center of today’s business strategy in successful organizations. In his report, “Does Data Growth Imply Company Health,” Michael Lock, Aberdeen Group’s vice president and principal analyst analytics and business intelligence, says, “I believe in the concept that clean and relevant business data is the most critical input to just about every major decision made across the enterprise world.” The more businesses know about everything from their industry’s market trends, to customer demographics, to social media patterns, to manufacturing directions, to supply chain movements, and on and on, the more they can tailor business efforts to achieve specific objectives.

Indeed, basing business decisions on ever-increasing amounts of data can signal how successful an organization will be, according to Lock. Lock’s report states, “If data is growing, perhaps that implies that more data driven decisions are being made, opportunities are being captured, customers are growing, and the organization is thriving.” And Lock notes that if you’re using larger and larger amounts of data to drive decisions, your business is probably more successful than companies that are not increasing the amount of data they use. For example, he finds companies that have data growth of more than 50% annually have 31% growth in organic revenue, versus only 5% growth in organic revenue for organization that have less than 10% annual data growth.

Lock emphasizes “companies that experience rapid data growth are more mature when it comes to data management, and are typically healthier, higher performing companies as a result.” The key words in that last sentence are “mature data management.” The ability to handle growing amounts of data available to an organization requires a data platform that can deliver the mission-critical capabilities to make that data work for the business. These capabilities include enterprise-class availability to assure that users can access the data they need when they need it; mission-critical performance to provide quick and reliable access to data; and security features that help you prevent data breaches.

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