Foundation Session with Corporate VP Joseph Sirosh on October 28 at PASS Summit

New this year to PASS Summit are the ‘Foundation Sessions’ from Microsoft leaders! These will all occur on October 28th. The purpose of this to dive deeper into new and leading technologies that you want to know.

From 1:30pm-2:45pm, one of the featured speakers is Corporate Vice President of the Information Management and Machine Learning group, Joseph Sirosh. Prior to working at Microsoft, Joseph was at Amazon as Vice President for Global Inventory Platform, and Vice President of Research & Development at Fair Isaac Corporation. Joseph is very passionate about has been active in the field since 1990.

Joseph’s talented team of scientists and engineers are all astutely developing Cortana Analytics to transform data at scale into intelligence and essentially get more done and in proactive ways.  These tools will empower groups to advance ahead of their competitors by predicting what’s next. They will enable businesses to get closer to their clients range of goals and needs via interaction with natural user interfaces. The partnership of the solutions Joseph will speak of are going to show value from your data in a secure and scalable way regardless of its size and complexity. These are fully managed big data and advanced analytics suites, which allow you to transform your data into intelligent action. Joseph and team are taking the wealth of capabilities in Microsoft Research and Product Groups and making it available commercially on Azure with first-class ML algorithms, services and tooling to help developers build amazing next-generation apps in the cloud. This session is the overview of this exceptional tool, with end to end scenario demos and customer case studies.

A new era of analytics is being engendered by cloud computing. The cloud gives us the power to collect and integrate data from an enormous variety of sources, to process big data at amazing scale and economics, to dramatically simplify development and deployment, and offer amazing intelligent APIs and applications as hosted services. In this keynote talk, Joseph will review with demos and examples how these game-changing developments will change how we live, work and play, and show the enormous opportunities for customers and partners to capitalize on these innovations.

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