SQL Server 2012 SP3 is now available!

Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 3. The Service Pack is available for download on the Microsoft Download Center, MSDN, MBS/Partner Source and VLSC. As part of our continued commitment to software excellence for our customers, this upgrade is available to all customers with existing SQL Server 2012 deployments.

SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 3 provides additional updates to help workloads from a performance, scalability and monitoring perspective. Key updates include:

  • Scalability and performance improvements for the storage engine
  • Improvements in consistency check performance
  • Query hints to provide granular control while using Resource Governor
  • Additional monitoring capabilities through enhancements in DMV, Extended Events and Query Plans
  • Improved performance while opening and reading XEL files using XEvent Linq reader
  • Improved performance for spatial queries

SP3 contains Hotfix solutions provided in SQL Server 2012 cumulative updates up to and including Cumulative Update 9.

Find more information on SQL Server 2012 SP3 here. To obtain SQL Server 2012 SP3, please visit the links below:

SQL Server 2012 SP3

SQL Server 2012 SP3 Express

SQL Server 2012 SP3 Feature Packs