Are you running SQL Server 2005 Express? (Are you sure?)

Only a few weeks remain before extended support for SQL Server 2005 ends. Although we’ve been talking about this for months, there’s a chance the April 12 end of support date will sneak up on you — if you’re one of thousands who are running SQL Server 2005 Express.

SQL Server 2005 Express is a free download that can function both as the client database and a basic server database. This edition was ideal for independent software vendors, server users, application developers, web developers and website hosts building client applications. Because it’s so easy to install Express with an application, or to build a custom application, IT may not be aware it is running. The best way to be sure is to complete an assessment.

You should care, and you should act, because end of support spells the end of important security updates and hotfixes that you’ve relied on for years. Continuing to operate SQL Server 2005 Express without these updates from Microsoft may put your organization at risk for business disruptions, security and compliance issues, and increased maintenance costs. It’s time to upgrade to SQL Server 2014 Express now.

There are many benefits of moving to a modern version of SQL Server Express. Running a fully supported, newer version of SQL Server Express offers major enhancements in scale, manageability, programmability and security for your application:

  • Scale increase. The size limit for databases has increased from 4 GB in SQL Server 2005 to 10 GB in SQL Server 2014 Express.
  • Manageability. SQL Server 2014 Express supports scripting with Windows PowerShell 3.0. It also provides policy-based management from SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Programmability. New versions of SQL Server drivers support a variety of programming languages and platforms, including .NET, C and C++, Java, Linux and PHP. The latest version of SQL Server supports SQL Server Data Tools.
  • Security. Modern SQL Server versions give additional security features, including user-defined server roles, enhanced separation of duty, and backup encryption support to fully safeguard important data.

Software running on SQL Server 2005 Express can be upgraded using simple techniques like in-place upgrade or database detach and attach. Read the SQL Server 2014 Express Technical Upgrade Guide to find out how and why to upgrade.

Download the SQL 2005 Express upgrade data sheet.

Download the SQL Server 2014 Express Technical Upgrade Guide.

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