Introducing Microsoft Data Amp

This post was authored by Mitra Azizirad, Corporate Vice President, Cloud Application Development & Data Marketing, Microsoft

Today, I am excited to announce that on April 19, we will host a new online event, Microsoft Data Amp.

Microsoft Data Amp is inspired by you, our customers and partners, who everyday are transforming applications and industries by using data in innovative ways, to predict, take action and create new business opportunities. We continue to accelerate our pace of innovation to enable you to meet the demands of a dynamic marketplace and harness the incredible power of data, more securely and faster than before.

Next month at Microsoft Data Amp, Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie and Corporate Vice President Joseph Sirosh will share how Microsoft’s latest innovations put data, analytics and artificial intelligence at the heart of business transformation. The event will include exciting announcements that will help you derive even more value from the cloud, enable transformative application development, and ensure you can capitalize on intelligence from any data, any size, anywhere, across Linux and other open source technologies.

Customers and partners, in industries from healthcare to retail, will illustrate how they are innovating, evolving and reshaping their businesses by infusing data into the heart of their solutions and applications. Microsoft Data Amp will also feature demos and deep dives on new scenarios enabled by a broad array of new data and analytics technologies, from SQL Server to Azure Machine Learning.

I encourage you to save the date, and I look forward to you joining us for Microsoft Data Amp on April 19.


Mitra Azizirad, Corporate Vice President, Cloud Application Development & Data Marketing, Microsoft

With an expansive technical, business and marketing background, Azizirad has led multiple and varied businesses across Microsoft for over two decades. She leads product marketing for Microsoft’s developer, data and artificial intelligence offerings spanning Visual Studio, SQL Server, Cortana Intelligence Services, .NET, Xamarin and associated Azure data, cognitive and developer services.