Build intelligent applications with help from Microsoft App Accelerate

Today’s exec is rudely awakened daily to ever-changing customer expectations. Last year’s huge investments were popular for a few months, but suddenly the “next big thing” is turning attention—and attracting budgets—elsewhere. How do you stay competitive with data and security? How do you ensure your applications scale across cloud and mobile?

Microsoft unveiled a new program, Microsoft App Accelerate, that targets such issues for application creators and ISVs (independent software vendors). Whatever cutting-edge commercial solution your company delivers, the program will provide product and technical resources to help you plan, deploy, launch, and grow your applications.

Still imagining your application? Find strategic planning resources to help you determine what investments can make the most impact. Utilize e-books and analyst reports to assess the technical and data opportunities driving the market, financial tools to help you determine ROI, and real-world examples of other app innovators and the steps they took to succeed.

Beginning to build, test, and deploy? You can connect directly with engineers and design experts who’ll bring the skills to match your vision. You’ll even have access to exclusive offers to help jump-start your development cycles.

For example:

  • Technical guidance from expert engineers across Microsoft’s flagship cloud and data solutions, including Azure, SQL Server, and Power BI.
  • Access to design sessions and deployment programs, such as the Data Accelerator and Power BI Embedded Accelerator offers.
  • Testing and certification services to drive accelerated app innovation and deployment.

Ready to launch your application? Here’s where Microsoft’s enterprise scale and global reach really deliver. Distribution channels like AppSource and Azure Marketplace help you find your customers. Co-selling and co-marketing opportunities from Microsoft’s go-to-market (GTM) services extend your impact. In-depth resources on marketing and sales strategy help you keep momentum and repeat success.

Visit Microsoft App Accelerate to learn more; but if you’re ready to jump right in, register today.