SSMS 17.7 is now available

This post is co-authored by Sandy Winarko, Principal PM, SQL Server. 

We are excited to announce the release of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 17.7!

Download SSMS 17.7 and review the Release Notes to get started.

SSMS 17.7 provides support for almost all feature areas on SQL Server 2008 through the latest SQL Server 2017, which is now generally available.

In addition to enhancements and bug fixes, SSMS 17.7 comes with several exciting new features:

  • Support package scheduling in Azure-SSIS integration runtime.
  • Support for SSIS package scheduling in SQL Agent on SQL Managed instance. It is now possible to create SQL Agent jobs to execute SSIS packages on the managed instance.
  • Replication monitor now supports registering a listener for scenarios where publisher database and/or distributor database is part of Availability Group. So with this release of SSMS, you can monitor replication environments where publisher database and/or distribution database is part of Always On. This feature requires the Distribution database server to be on SQL 2016 SP2 CU3 and above or SQL 2017 CU6 and above.
  • Fixed bug fixes

Scheduling SSIS Activities in ADF Pipelines via SSMS

Unlike on-premises SQL Server/Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI) that have a native/first-class SSIS job scheduler as part of SQL Server/MI Agent, Azure SQL Database does not have any. Consequently, if you use Azure SQL Database to host SSISDB, you can automatically generate Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipelines/activities/triggers to schedule SSIS package executions via SSMS with UI that is similar to using on-premises SQL Server Agent. This SSMS scheduling feature offers rapid authoring of ADF pipelines/activities/triggers that can be edited/extended on ADF app.

For more info on ADF pipelines/activities/triggers, see:

Bug fixes

In SSMS 17.7, there were many bug fixes.

To highlight a few of these:


  • Perf improvement: reduced volume of intellisense queries for column data. This is especially beneficial when working on tables with a huge number of columns.


  • Exposed Error Log Size setting in SMO. See more details here.
  • Fix linefeed scripting in SMO on Linux
  • Miscellaneous perf improvement when retrieving rarely used properties

Maintenance Plan:

  • Fixed an issue where trying to change the schedule of an existing Maintenance Plan was throwing an exception. See more details here.


  • Fixed an issue where scripting stored procedure against Azure SQLDW was not working for non-admin user
  • Fixed an issue where scripting a database against Azure SQLDB was not scripting the “SCOPED CONFIGURATION” properties


  • Fixed issue where SSMS crashes then trying to connect to a server, after opting out of sending telemetry.

To learn more about other bug fixes covered in this release, check the Release Notes.

Call to Action

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