Webinar: Introduction to SQL Server 2019

Modern enterprises are struggling to gain insights from an exploding number of database management systems and ever-growing data volumes. SQL Server 2019 can help you overcome the challenges of integrating data and bring AI and machine learning to all of your data, structured and unstructured. It can also help you better manage your relational data right now.

In this webinar, Introduction to SQL Server 2019, hear from Debbi Lyons, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Travis Wright, Principal Program Manager, and Bob Ward, Principal Architect at Microsoft discuss the latest updates and features for the new SQL Server release, including introducing the new big data cluster with intelligence over any data, how SQL Server 2019 enhances the developer experience, and using tools including Azure Data Studio.

Listen to the webinar on-demand to learn more about what’s new in SQL Server 2019, including how to:

  1. Access and manage all data – structured and unstructured – conveniently from one place

With SQL Server 2019 big data clusters, Apache SparkTM and HDFS are packaged together with SQL Server as a single, integrated solution. In the webinar, you can watch a demo of the unified platform and see how Azure Data Studio is integrated with SQL Server with access to Apache SparkTM and HDFS, making it simple and easy to integrate data from different sources.

  1. Enhance your current workloads with mission-critical performance, security, and availability

When you upgrade your database to SQL Server 2019, you can spend less time and energy tuning your query plans with intelligent query processing that adapts to your data and query patterns. Keep your data secure with mission-critical security features and manage certificates more easily with tools such as SQL Configuration Manager. Lastly, you can keep your SQL Server running with Always On availability group enhancements, with the addition of availability groups on Kubernetes containers.

  1. Enhance the developer experience

Learn how SQL Server 2019 enhances the developer experience with Java language extension support. This webinar includes a demo of Java development with SQL Server.  And with enhances to machine learning services, you can take advantage of expanded AI and machine learning capabilities to create intelligent applications.

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