Three reasons to choose Microsoft for your hybrid data platform

Companies today are faced with the trade-off of the security of having an on-premises solution and the convenience of moving their data to the cloud. With Microsoft, companies no longer have to make the choice. SQL Server and Azure SQL Database provide the most consistent hybrid data platform with frictionless migration across on-premises, cloud, and private cloud, all at a lower cost. In this post, we’ll review three reasons why Microsoft should be your hybrid data platform of choice.

  1. It’s consistent

Microsoft is a truly consistent hybrid platform, with the same code base across on-premises, Azure, and Azure Stack. With Azure Stack, you can extend Azure services and capabilities to on-premises environments without any code changes. Interoperability between SQL Server, SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine, and Azure SQL Database ensures business continuity and you can easily set up disaster recovery through Always On availability groups.

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  1. It’s frictionless

The task of migrating your databases to the cloud can be daunting. Microsoft can help you manage the migration seamlessly with several tools and services that simplify the process with minimal downtime. SQL Database Managed Instance provides easy re-hosting with no code changes, enabling a way to migrate huge databases into Azure without changing any code and staying compliant with your applications, without sacrificing performance.

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  1. It’s cost-effective

SQL Server and Azure SQL Database are two of the most cost-effective hybrid data platforms with flexible pricing tiers. Leverage your on-premises licenses and migrate your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure and save with the Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB). You can choose from different purchasing options and service tiers to fit your performance and cost needs.

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Allscripts, a leading healthcare software manufacturer, started using Microsoft Azure. In just three weeks, the company lifted and shifted dozens of acquired applications running on 1,000 virtual machines to Azure – migrating their on-premises applications to the cloud by taking advantage of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

“Using Azure has dramatically accelerated both our acquisition time and our new product development time. We’ve been able to shut down older, inefficient datacenters and focus more resources on developing great software. This is one factor that moves us ahead in a very competitive market.” – Peter Tomlinson, Director of IS, Technology Operations, Allscripts

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Try SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine or SQL Database Managed Instance today, and manage your data seamlessly across on-premises and cloud.