Azure SQL digital event: Transform your applications with Azure SQL

The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated several trends that already existed in the database world. Overnight, many companies have seen traffic on external and internal applications skyrocket as people adjust to the new normal. The urgency to move from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud has only increased while customers already using managed cloud databases are looking for ways to scale rapidly without sacrificing on security, reliability, or cost. Now more than ever, I get questions from customers asking for my advice on subjects ranging from migrating their SQL Server instances to Azure to using the latest Azure SQL features for enhanced performance and availability.

To help answer these questions and much more, we are hosting the Azure SQL digital event: Transform your applications with Azure SQL on October 14 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. During this hour-long virtual event, I’ll share my advice and guidance on getting the most out of Azure SQL, whether you’re looking to migrate from an on-premises SQL Server deployment or exploring ways to utilize the newest Azure SQL service options. You will also hear firsthand experiences and best practices from customers who have become expert Azure SQL users.

Regardless of your familiarity with Azure SQL, we want to help you learn how to scale in response to rapidly changing needs, boost the resilience of your mission-critical workloads, and make deployments more cost-effective. We’ll present and offer demonstrations on topics including:

  • Choosing the best deployment option for SQL Server in Azure, from Virtual Machines to fully managed databases.
  • Selecting, setting up, operating, and scaling your database quickly by putting your existing SQL Server experience to work in the cloud.
  • Best practices to ensure optimized database performance and scalability.
  • Strategies for selecting the right service tier to maximize the resiliency of critical workloads—without breaking the bank.

We’ll also be taking a deeper dive into two of our newest and most exciting service tiers for Azure SQL Database: Serverless and Hyperscale. Through demos and interviews with current customers, we’ll show how to use these capabilities to create groundbreaking deployments that are both cost-effective and highly performant.

Finally, we’ll have a Q&A session where a panel of Azure SQL subject-matter experts and I will be eager to take your questions and point you on the right track in your Azure SQL journey. If you haven’t registered for the Azure SQL Digital Event, sign up now at the Azure SQL digital event page.