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Bob Ward
Principal Architect, Microsoft Azure Data
Bob Ward is a Principal Architect for the Microsoft Azure Data team, which owns the development for Microsoft SQL Edge to Cloud. Bob has worked for Microsoft for 30 years on every version of SQL Server shipped from OS/2 1.1 to SQL Server 2022 including Azure SQL. Bob is a well-known speaker on SQL Server and Azure SQL, often presenting talks on new releases, internals, and specialized topics at events such as SQLBits, Microsoft Build, Microsoft Ignite, PASS Summit, DevIntersection, and VS Live. You can also learn Azure SQL from him on the popular series You can follow him at @bobwardms or Bob is the author of the books Pro SQL Server on Linux, SQL Server 2019 Revealed, Azure SQL Revealed and SQL Server 2022 Revealed available from Apress Media.
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Azure SQL digital event: Innovate today with Azure SQL 

In today’s data-driven world, companies are increasingly looking to the cloud to reduce their infrastructure and administrative costs and provide the on-demand scalability to match their customers’ ever-changing requirements—without sacrificing security, reliability, or cost.