Jorge Garcia


4/28/1973 (48 years old) Omaha, Nebraska, United States

This affable character actor worked in commercials, including one for fast-food chain Jack in the Box, before landing guest spots on a handful of sitcoms. He performed stand-up comedy and appeared in a number of stage productions while pursuing his dreams of screen stardom. In 2004, Garcia read for the Lost part of conman James 'Sawyer' Ford, which eventually went to Josh Holloway. However, the show's producers had recently seen Garcia on a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode in which he sells marijuana to Larry David, and decided to flesh out the part of endearing but numerically cursed castaway Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes with him in mind. Hurley went on to become one of Lost's breakout characters, and Garcia's work on the show won him ALMA Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Television Series in 2006 and 2008.

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