Lucy Liu

Actress, Director

12/2/1968 (54 years old) Queens, New York, United States

Despite initially auditioning for the more subdued role of Nelle Porter (the part ultimately went to Portia de Rossi), this lovely Asian-American actress made her name and earned an Emmy nod as domineering lawyer Ling Woo on Ally McBeal. Although TV guest spots early in her career proved she could play meek, particularly her recurring role on ER as the soft-spoken mother of an AIDS-stricken child, audiences preferred her feistier side. Able to inspire both dread and desire with the cock of an eyebrow, Liu fared best in big-screen supporting parts that showcased her martial-arts prowess and quirky comedic talents, like her kick-ass turns in Kill Bill: Vol I and the Charlie's Angels franchise. But Liu's artistic talents go beyond the stage and screen. She's also an accomplished painter and photographer who has had exhibits in Los Angeles and New York.

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