Peter Boyle


1935-2006. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Although Boyle came to showbiz later in life, his distinctive working-class looks and impressive versatility made him an in-demand character actor. After honing his skills on stage, he made his first big impression as a violent factory worker in 1970's Joe. While he went on to appear in a slew of dramas on both the big and small screens, Boyle became a beloved comic player, particularly in his unforgettable turn as a singing and dancing monster in Young Frankenstein and his nine-season stint as a curmudgeonly patriarch on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. While not all of his projects were worthy of his talents (comic duds In God We Trust and The Adventures of Pluto Nash), he consistently turned in credible performances. Even health issues couldn't hold him back: Despite suffering a stroke in 1990 and a heart attack on the set of Raymond in 1999, he remained incredibly prolific until his December 2006 death, due to multiple myeloma and heart disease.

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