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Microsoft Translator Hub


Microsoft Translator Hub was retired on May 17, 2019. Please review the following information to ensure your Hub projects are properly migrated to Custom Translator.


The Microsoft Translator Hub, an extension of the Microsoft Translator service, was used to create customized statistic machine translation systems for use with the Translator Text API V2.

The Translator Text API V3 was released in May 2018, offering customers Microsoft Translator’s advanced neural machine translation. Custom Translator is used to create customized neural machine translation systems with Translator Text API V3 and is replacing the Translator Hub.

Instructions on how to migrate projects from the Hub to Custom Translator can be found in the Custom Translator documentation.

The following languages are currently available in Custom Translator:

CatalanEstonianIcelandicMalagasySerbian (Latin)Ukrainian
Chinese SimplifiedFinnishIndonesianMalaySlovakVietnamese
Chinese TraditionalFrenchItalianNorwegianSlovenianWelsh


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Important Hub Migration Information and Dates

  • March 4, 2019: Migration feature will be automatically available to all Translator Hub users.
  • March 25, 2019: The Hub will no longer allow new projects, new trainings, or new deployment requests.

Systems with languages pairs available in Custom Translator

  • On May 17, 2019, the Translator Hub will be retired and systems in the Hub will no longer be available. Migrated systems will be available through Custom Translator.

Systems with language pairs NOT available in Custom Translator

  • Beginning March 25 through May 17, 2019, users will be able to select systems with language pairs that are not currently available to be migrated to Custom Translator.
    • There will be an option to have these systems automatically deployed in Custom Translator, or you can manually deploy them.
    • These systems will be deployed in the “Global SMT-Hub” region in Custom Translator.
    • When deployed, the standard hosting fee of $10.00 USD (or equivalent currency) will be charged per month per system.
    • Users will be able to un-deploy these systems if needed. You will not be able to redeploy a system you have undeployed.
  • From April 30, 2019 through June 15, 2019, custom Hub systems with unavailable language pairs will continue to be available through Translator Text API V2 using your existing Category ID.
  • By June 15, 2019, all of the systems you selected will be migrated from the Hub to the V3 API by the Microsoft Translator team.
  • On July 15, 2019, these systems will only be accessible via the Translator Text API V3.
  • Custom translation pricing will apply for hosting and use of the custom model.
  • These systems will only be available to access data or undeploy through Custom Translator. After successfully migrating these projects, they will be listed as “Unavailable” on the Projects page. As we enable new language pairs with Custom Translator, the projects will become active to train and deploy.

New languages

  • If you are a community or organization working on creating a new language system for Microsoft Translator, reach out to for more information.

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