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Internal communications

Improve communication among your global workforce

In the era of the virtual workforce, where productivity can be driven from anywhere in the world, companies become increasingly global, with a larger number of employees residing in multiple geographies. In this new paradigm, it is critical to ensure that communications and collaboration, are effective across every aspect of an organization.

With Translator, companies can integrate text translation into internal communications between divisions, within a team that is split between two or more locations, or even between functions in a seamless, cost-effective way.

Regardless of whether the communication is in real time or asynchronous, Translator will either be natively integrated or available through add-ins, widgets, or web APIs to offer multilingual support for all communication channels.

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Expand the sections below to learn more on how to use Translator for your communication needs.

Yammer, a Microsoft group-communication solution for employees, partners, and customers, has native support for Translator. For Yammer customers, all posts can be translated on-demand in the reader’s language at no cost and through a simple “Translate” menu.

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Translator offers various mechanisms to add multilingual support to your internal community site. One option is to use SharePoint native support for Translator. Although it requires some integration work, it has the advantage of being included with your SharePoint license or subscription, and it is seamless for the end-user.

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A second option is for a developer, who can decide to directly integrate Translator. This will ensure the most flexibility as the integration is open to customer specifications and platforms.

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Email is often the most ubiquitous team collaboration tool. Fortunately, Translator for Outlook add-in allows users to translate incoming emails, while preserving the original formatting. It can even translate emails mixing several languages in a single thread.

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