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On Premises

Microsoft Translator On-Premises (On-Prem) Edition is a web services-based enterprise solution provided by Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) that performs fast, automated, high-quality translations behind a corporate firewall. This allows customers with extremely confidential needs or without Internet connectivity to retain their data inside their own environment, as it is processed by the Microsoft Translator engine.

MCS offers an on-premises solution as a yearly subscription service that includes the design, deployment, and maintenance of the Microsoft Translator software. Maintenance includes periodic performance, functionality enhancements to the Microsoft Translator software, as well as adding new language support as it is released by Microsoft Translator. The solution is deployed on the customer’s hardware, providing that it meets the minimum system requirements.

The solution offers functionality similar to the public Internet-hosted system, including the following:

  • Translator home page for performing cut-and-paste translations of text, along with full-page, in-place translations of corporate web-enabled content.
  • Translations between any of the 60+ supported languages.
  • Web-service APIs (REST) with an online Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing customers to build their own translation-enabled business applications.

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum Operating System

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition
  • Middleware: Microsoft Translator Runtime

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Total Real Cores = 64
  • Total RAM = 1024GB
  • C: 2x 1.8TB Mirrored
  • Drive should equal total RAM, plus 100GB to allow for crash dumps
  • D: 3x 1.8TB RAID 5 to allow for both growth of the language models and easy roll-forward and roll-back procedures.

Subscription Pricing

Microsoft Translator On-Prem Edition is sold as a 12-month subscription. The subscription includes:

  • Design, Deployment and, Periodic updates to the runtime engine

The total for the subscription service is USD $300,000. If you’re interested in Volume Pricing contact us using the below Contact Information. If the subscription is not renewed at the end of the 12-month period of performance, the software and its components will be removed and deleted by Microsoft Services, except for any custom applications or data that were provided or developed by your organization during the subscription. In other words, this is a subscription service, not a purchase of software, when the subscription ends, the software is removed, but all translations remain.


Microsoft Translator On Prem edition includes the same features and all of the same languages and functionality as the online service, the one exception is the ability to customize the system for company-specific terminology and style, which is only available in the cloud-based Custom Translator.

Contact Us

To learn more about Microsoft Translator On Prem Edition offered by MCS and how it can solve your sensitive organizational translation needs, please contact us.

For information about pricing please contact your Microsoft Account Manager or Account Representative.

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