Virus Information Alliance

The Virus Information Alliance (VIA) is an antimalware collaboration program for security software providers, security service providers, antimalware testing organizations, and other organizations involved in fighting cybercrime.

Members of the VIA program collaborate by exchanging technical information on malicious software with Microsoft, with the goal of improving protection for Microsoft customers.

Better protection for customers against malware

The VIA program gives members access to information that will help improve protection for Microsoft customers. For example, the program provides malware telemetry and samples to security product teams to identify gaps in their protection and prioritize new threat coverage.

Malware prevalence data is provided to antimalware testers to assist them in selecting sample sets and setting scoring criteria that represent the real-world threat landscape. Service organizations, such as a CERT, can leverage our data to help assess the impact of policy changes or to help shut down malicious activity.

Becoming a member of VIA

If you're interested in becoming a member of VIA, see our eligibility requirements.

You can also see answers to frequently asked questions about the program or contact us using our partnerships contact form.

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