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Published Sep 27, 2012 | Updated Sep 15, 2017


Detected by Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Aliases: No associated aliases


Windows Defender detects and removes this threat.

Trojan:JS/Medfos.B is a malicious JavaScript file that redirects search queries when you search online using AOL, Ask, Bing, Google or Yahoo.

The trojan is usually installed by Trojan:Win32/Medfos.B as a Google Chrome browser extension called "ChromeUpdateManager 1.0". It is a member of the Win32/Medfos family, a family of trojans that install malicious extensions for Internet browsers and redirect search engine results.

To detect and remove this threat and other malicious software that may be installed on your computer, run a full-system scan with an appropriate, up-to-date, security solution. The following Microsoft products detect and remove this threat:

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