Published May 16, 2010|Updated Aug 22, 2017


Alert level: High Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Also detected as: Micro AV (other) MS Antivirus (other) Spyware Preventer (other) Vista Antivirus 2008 (other) Advanced Antivirus (other) System Antivirus (other) Ultimate Antivirus 2008 (other) Windows Antivirus 2008 (other) XPert Antivirus (other) Power Antivirus (other) Ultra AV (other) AntiVirus Sentry (other)

Windows Defender detects and removes this threat.
Win32/FakeSecSen is a family of programs that claim to scan for malware and display fake warnings of malicious programs and viruses.

The program notifies you that you need to pay money to register the software to remove these non-existent threats.

Win32/FakeSecSen appears to be based on Program:Win32/SpySheriff.

Reports of rogue Antivirus programs have been more prevalent as of late. 

These are programs that generate misleading alerts and false detections to convince users to purchase illegitimate security software.

Some of these programs, such as Trojan:Win32/Antivirusxp and Program:Win32/FakeRednefed can display product names or logos in an apparently unlawful attempt to impersonate Microsoft products.

These products may represent themselves as “Antivirus XP”, “AntivirusXP 2008”, “WinDefender 2008”, “XP Antivirus”, or similar.