Published Feb 08, 2012|Updated Apr 21, 2013


Alert level: Severe Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Also detected as: Win32/Zonsterarch (other) Win32/Blinerarch (other) Win32/Ninunarch (other) Win32/Tarifarch (other) Win32/Zipparch (other) Win32/Multsarch (other) Win32/Smasarch (other) Win32/Movivarch (other) Win32/Ziconarch (other) Win32/Moxtrarch (other) Win32/Instonarch (other) Win32/Nadostarch (other) Win32/Mobsularch (other)

Win32/Pameseg is a family of installers that require the user to send an SMS message to a premium number to successfully install certain programs, some of which are otherwise be available for free. Currently, most variants target Russian speakers.

For more information on Pameseg, please see the following blog posts:


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