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Windows 365 Frontline

Transform the way your essential workforce works. Windows 365 Frontline is the newest Windows solution, enabling your frontline employees to be more productive and efficient.

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Give shift and part-time workers the flexibility to work from anywhere

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Productivity on any device

Boost productivity by providing a modern Windows experience from the cloud to shared devices. Now, frontline workers can access powerful Cloud PCs during their shifts.

Stream a complete, personalized Windows experience

Increase efficiency for frontline workers by providing personalized Windows 365 Cloud PCs that retain their apps, data, and settings whenever they sign in on any device, from any location.

Remove the constraints of shared physical devices

Cloud PCs enable Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) and remote work scenarios, so your frontline workers aren’t limited by the constraints of sharing physical, on-premises PCs.

Deliver seamless access to Cloud PCs from shift to shift

To start a shift, employees sign in to Windows 365 from the web or the Windows 365 client. When they sign out, a personalized Cloud PC automatically becomes available for the next employee.

Secure by design

Give frontline staff the flexibility to work remotely without risking the security of corporate data and apps or violating regulatory and compliance requirements.

Reduce security risk with apps and data stored in the cloud

Meet your industry-specific requirements with cloud-based app and data storage that works seamlessly with leading security, identity, and compliance solutions from Microsoft.

Increase productivity and security with automatic sign out

Automatically sign workers out of Cloud PCs if employees forget to log off, ensuring that Cloud PCs remain secured and are available for the next worker.

Keep Cloud PCs protected from unauthorized access

Specify time-out periods for Cloud PCs, allowing workers to leave their devices unattended for quick breaks without risking unauthorized use and quickly resume working when they return.

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Manage more with less

Extend Cloud PC usage to more of your workforce using your existing tools and team, maximizing your technology investment.

Equip more employees with Cloud PCs for less

Provide Cloud PC access for any three employees per license with Windows 365 Frontline. You only need to purchase enough licenses for the number of active users at any given time.

Manage Frontline Cloud PCs with your existing IT investments

Manage Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PCs with Microsoft Intune alongside your other Windows 365 Cloud PCs and endpoints. Plus, there’s no additional infrastructure components or special procedures required.

Accommodate staffing fluctuations common with shift work

Provision new Cloud PCs in just a few steps, and without requiring additional overhead, to quickly accommodate times when organizations need to staff up.

Microsoft has been named a Leader in the inaugural 2023 Gartner®️ Magic Quadrant for Desktop as a Service.
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Windows 365 Frontline: Cloud PCs for shift and part-time workers

Compare editions to find which one works best for your employees.

Windows 365 Enterprise

Windows 365 Frontline

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Windows 365 Frontline demo

See how easy it is to get started with Windows 365 Frontline.

Microsoft 365 for frontline workers

Invest in your frontline workforce with simple, intuitive, and secure solutions from Microsoft 365.

Frontline FAQs

  • Windows 365 Frontline makes it easy and affordable to extend the power of Cloud PCs to shift workers, allowing them to securely access their personalized Windows experience on any device without the hassle of sharing physical PCs. Free up your frontline employees to work from anywhere, helping to boost their productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Windows 365 Frontline is for organizations of all sizes with shift and part-time workers who require access to Cloud PCs only for limited amounts of time, such as during their scheduled hours.

  • For employees that require dedicated, anytime access to their Cloud PC, Windows 365 Enterprise is the right plan. Windows 365 Frontline is the most effective plan for workers who need access to a Cloud PC only for a limited time, such as during their shift and not after working hours.

  • A single license can be shared with up to three employees. Organizations should purchase licenses equivalent to the number of employees who will access Cloud PCs during the same shift, or same hours of the day. For example, an organization with 300 employees only needs to purchase 100 Windows 365 Frontline licenses to provide all 300 employees with Cloud PC access over the course of the day.

  • Windows 365 Frontline is not governed by the Microsoft 365 F1 or Microsoft F3 license eligibility conditions or Windows use rights for Microsoft 365 F3.

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