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x64 Streaming Blogcast – How to Maxmize Active Directory Performance in the Enterprise

I need to first say CONGRATULATIONS to John Borozan and his wife (who did all the work) – they are the proud parents of a new baby girl – Helena.  Congrats John!
We mentioned when we started this blog a few weeks ago, one of our goals was to take our online x64 webcasts and port them to a format that could be consumed a little easier….
So I took one of our first (and cooler) seminars – “Maximize Performance in Enterprise Deployments with Window Server 2003 x64 – Level 300” and encoded it into a streaming format that was optimized for Pocket PC’s and other Video Playback devices.
Some boring details:  I used a 96K Bit Rate (Since it was Power Point and Sound) and changed the screen resolution to 208 x 160 which should fit ok on most portable devices – total size = 18.7M  I have done a few tests on the stream and it seems to be working ok
Click here and view the blogcast:
A little about this blogcast:
Level: 300
Length: 1:09
Presenter: Jackson Shaw, Technical Product Manager, Microsoft Corp.
Description: Are you ready to move beyond the basics of Active Directory®? Window Server 2003 x64 can significantly improve your performance and scalability for large deployments. In this session, learn how to harness the powerful capabilities of AD to increase IT operational efficiency, strengthen network security, and increase the productivity of your information workers.
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– Ward